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The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin is a digital coin that will be backed by the world’s greatest commodity, oil and gas reserves. By investing in the Reserve Oil & Gas Coin you will be investing in a company that will allow you to share in the profits from the sale of oil and gas production. As technology has evolved, drilling, completion, and operation has become much more efficient.  The Reserve Oil and Gas Coin communication platform will allow investors to see the  daily active,  well count, daily production rate and the remaining reserves for each well.  They will be able to see firsthand the operations and processes on the blockchain. We will oversee oil and gas projects from inception to final abandonment and restoration. Over time oil and gas production and supply chain issues will be accelerated, streamlined, and migrated to the blockchain. This will improve the production efficiency, operation model, data processing, strengthen security and increase the speed of settling debts while reducing the cost for all parties involved in the transaction. We will show acquisition timelines, production updates, operations, lease operating statements, and payment status. This will be shared information across the blockchain greatly increasing the transparency of the company’s daily operations thus giving investor’s a sense of security when it comes to protecting their bottom line. The opportunity for oil and gas investors to see significant returns with reduced risk is limited in current industry investment vehicles. Additionally, cash cycle times are lengthy due to operating and verification practices. Extraction efficiency can be greatly improved, along with the streamlining of the operating procedures, practices and implementation. Optimization of infrastructure and transportation is long overdue. In current operating practices there is very little transparency to value leakage. These stated problems, create opportunity for the Reserve Oil and Gas Coin to thrive. The platform will  be transparent in  operating and transportation cost to get oil and gas to the open market. By using the 500 combined years of expertise of MVG Energy Solutions in the oil and gas industry, production will be increased,  operational cost reduced, reserves increased which will ultimately increased shareholder value for every producing well transaction.   I welcome you to join us today as we begin this exciting new journey of merging the stability of oil and gas with the transparency of the blockchain.


Mission Statement

The mission of The Reserve Oil & Gas Company is to be a growth-oriented industry leader in the energy sector and crypto-community that’s respected throughout the world for its transparency, efficiency, quality, competency, honesty and integrity of its people, operations, and business practices.

Core Values

Respect for the Individual






Commitment to Excellence





The Internet of Things (IoT) uses sensing technology and communication technology to capture the analytical data of the drilling process and records that information on the blockchain in real time. The IoT’s will create a new management system that will increase operational efficiencies of existing oilfield assets, supply chains, and customer relationship. Data collected from IoT technology creates an entirely new asset in the form of information that the Reserve Oil & Gas Team will use to streamline its processes and business model. By utilizing IoT technologies we can track logistics involved with transporting crude oil from the fields to the gas pumps. IoT technology will shorten the time it takes to deliver reserves to sale by reducing drilling (days vs. depth) and completion time (flow back period), enhancing artificial lift (right timing and artificial lift equipment), and coordinating transport (tank picked drainage frequency) through trucking and pipelines while eliminating unnecessary paperwork and using the blockchain as a hyper ledger to verify every transaction. We will also create a transparent environment by using US firms for reserves reporting, financials reporting, non-operations audits, and oil and gas marketing. Ongoing developments to create personal accountability, and investor/consumer protections will ultimately expand the universe of potential holders of legally compliant digital currencies.

The Reserve Oil and Gas Coin will be directly linked to the oil reserves. This will help with maintaining the price parity between Reserve Oil and Gas Coin in circulation and the underlying assets held in reserves. The creation of a coin that will be structured in such a way that it is one hundred percent transparent, utilizing the blockchain to keep investors in the loop from inception to completion.

The implementation of IoT technology, transparency and blockchain technology is just the first step in transforming the oil & gas industries business model. By applying transparency to an industry that currently lacks clarity, and allowing investors to be informed through every step, we will create a new standard within the oil & gas and cryptocurrency markets. The Reserve Oil and Gas Coin value will be directly reflective of our oil and gas reserves in real time and will be on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. Investors will be able to see data in real time, creating an environment for investors to make a well-informed investment decision. We will utilize the blockchain to mitigate, accelerate and streamline current oil and gas supply chain issues. This will create a more fruitful environment for our investors. This will also improve production efficiency of oil wells, data collection processes, and strengthen securities. We will be able to increase the speed in which debts are settled, all while reducing the cost for all parties within a transaction. The Reserve Oil and Gas coin will be able to be traded peer-to-peer. The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin will greatly reduce transaction times and promote transparency, trade documents, shipment updates, deliveries, and payments. These are just a few of the items we will be sharing on the ledger, followed by many more