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The Reserve Oil and Gas Team, which includes MVG Energy Solutions has a proven strategy that works and an extensive background in the oil and gas industry. The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin Project (ROC) will link oil and gas reserves to the cryptocurrency markets throughout the world. The value of the Reserve Oil & Gas Coin will be represented by the amount of oil and gas reserves retained by ROC. This company is fully staffed with experts who have extensive knowledge about the oil and gas industry and the process of acquiring petroleum wells, fields, and assets in North and South America. As production goals are met in the Americas, the Reserve Oil & Gas Team will direct resources toward Africa, Asia and the Middle East to establish a global presence. The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin will set a new standard for the cryptocurrency community by the way it will be structured. Its transparency and its value will be backed by one of the world’s greatest commodities, oil & gas reserves. The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin will reflect the price of oil and gas reserves in real time. By investing in the Reserve Oil & Gas Coin you will be investing in a company that will allow you to share in the profits from the sale of oil and gas production.  The communication platform will allow you to see the active and inactive well count, daily production rate, the production uplift plan, schedule of work, the remaining reserves for each well, and the well operating and transportation cost to get to the open market.


Harold Thomas

Donald Glover 

Jyrone Parker


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